How I Know The Law of Attraction is REAL

There are lots of reasons as to why I know the Law of Attraction is real. I have read the secret, watched my mum manifest things into her life, and I have watched countless YouTubers tells stories of how their thoughts have become a reality. And you can believe these stories as much as you want, but they are only stories to you until the Law of Attraction actually happens to you.

Over the past year I have had some crazy things happen to me that I truly believe only happened because I thought them up in the first place. For those interested in Numerology too, I am numerology path one, and from what I have read online and watched on YouTube this means my thoughts have really highest frequencies. Ultimately this means that I am really good at manifesting things into my life.

So here are 3 of the most recent, crazy things I have dreamed up that have became reality...

Morning Routine

I have been saying to my mum recently that I need to stop being so lazy in the mornings - especially before work. I will honestly get out of bed at 8am, to leave the house at 25 past and walk through the doors at work at half past, its becoming a bit of a competition with myself how long I can stay in bed and still get to work on time. It really needs to stop!

So, one day I was just doing my normal morning routine of rushing around like a headless chicken to get ready in time. I got in the car at 8:26 and I know its gunna be a push to make it in time this morning. I get to work, and can't find my door key - great. I get let in, sit at my desk and its 8:34am oops. An hour later I receive an email:

Morning Molly,

We have been keeping an eye on attendance recently and have noticed you have been either here at 8:30am or a few minutes late.

This is unacceptable.

We ask our staff to be here at 8:20 in order to be ready for the day and expect this in immediate effect.

Fab. She got my back up straight away if I'm honest as I had never been told about having to be at work 10 minutes before we are meant to start - but I did know I was in the wrong for always pushing my luck every single day. I was in a bit of a bad mood all day because of this, until about 12 hours later I realised something... It was only a few days ago that I said I needed to start to grow up and get up earlier in the mornings - and now someone was pushing me to do it! I know it may be a long shot, but I know that without this push I would have just continues to push my luck, and now I actually have a reason to get up earlier and make the effort to be punctual.

A Relationship That Would Not Have Happened in 100 Years

So I am going to have to post the shortened version of this story until I am ready to properly speak about the WHOLE 7 YEAR ordeal lol. But for now you can have a pinch of the gossip.

Lets kick off by saying I was in relationship that was comfortable, often one sided, half happy, half disappointing & not worth it (don't worry this is another story I will share one day too). But I was with the boy for nearly 4 years when I got to my breaking point. Christmas either makes or breaks you and my GOD it broke me. I began to really try and keep positive, distracted and busy and the more I did that the more I was becoming okay on my own. My focus wasn't on my bad relationship anymore, it was on myself and how I could improve myself outside of my relationship.

The relationship basically fizzled out - in short. As I was now focusing on myself more, my mind was very all over the place trying to find peace within my life. One of the main things I found (which I actually already knew but it had been pushed so deep that it wasn't a normal thought) was that I needed to make amends with my Ex (not current, previous). Me and my Ex hadn't been the best of pals these past few years. We either would confess our love for each other still or want to kill one another, absolutely no in-between. He had always been the "one" in my mind no matter what the circumstances and no matter how many times I had tried to move on. Now I was single, I couldn't help but think of a future with him but I knew it was impossible.

It got to the point where I would make my best friend meet me everyday just so I wouldn't go stir crazy sat on my own thinking about the "what ifs".

One night I was sat with her, I was a bit wine drunk and I pressed SEND.

As I said before, we weren't always on the best terms and my message wasn't received with open arms. I decided that I wouldn't push my luck. But I am the type of person that when I have a gut instinct I have to keep going, so precisely 10 days later I was sat at my desk at work and sent

"any chance you are ready to talk?"

And to my surprise he was... We talked things out for a few days and just like that its like we had clicked again. He was acting and responded exactly how I had wished he would and a week later we met and it seemed as though me and him were back to being kids again. And here we are a 4 months later - back together and happier than ever. Just like I had imagined...

Money Money Money

If you have read my previous blog post on "Manifesting my Dream Life" you will know that I have already experienced receiving money out of thin air when I really needed it, and when I was thinking about it constantly. Well a few months later the EXACT thing happened again.. except this time I didn't "need" the money, I just "hoped" for it.

I have been trying to save so hard since I left university. I was yo-yoing between being £800-£500 in my overdraft and as soon as we hit 2020 I just wanted the debt GONE. That pressure was just filling up my head, as well as the constant worry of having to put money aside on top of this as I am saving for my first house.

Come March I was able to put enough money aside from my job & I was finally out of my overdraft. Now my main focus was on saving for my house, and compared to all my mates I was really starting at the bottom. I was never really one to "ask" for money in my gratitude journal, but I began to more frequently expressing how I was "grateful for the money that I currently had in my bank account" as this money is set aside for my future.

And then one day the other week I received a call from my Dad, pretty standard really as its the only way I can keep in touch with him due to lockdown. Half way through the conversation he comes out with the scary phrase "I've got something to tell you...", I reply "Oh god what have I done" - standard reply from me no matter who asks.

"Nanny Rose told me the other day that she's giving you your premium bond account now your 21. She said there's £800 in it, and you can take it out if you like"

"EIGHT HUNDRED POUNDS" I screamed down the phone.

To many it may not seem like a crazy amount of money, but I had no idea I even had any premium bonds and especially not £800 worth. But this is exactly what I mean, the law of attraction works in the craziest of ways. I again received money basically out of thin air, and even more than last time - and I truly believe its because my thoughts over the past month or so have been that I am grateful for the money that I ALREADY HAVE. The £800 will be going straight into my savings to be put towards my future & that makes me incredibly happy.

I understand this stuff may not be for everyone, but all I can say is the more you start noticing things around you change due to having more of a positive outlook or by you constantly thinking about a certain thing, you will realise just how real it all is...

This is a topic I could talk about forever so if you like listening to the Law of Attraction/ Manifestation and all that kinda stuff please let me know!


Moll x

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