How I Am Manifesting My Dream Life

Hello girlies!

I know to some I may sound nuts, and a couple of years ago if I had heard myself saying these things I would have thought I was bonkers - but I promise this works.

I made a promise to myself not too long ago, that I would begin making a real start at manifesting my dream life. I'm sure many of you have heard about the "Law of Attraction" and the book "The Secret". I have always been so interested and have always wanted to get stuck in. Don't get me wrong, although I know the basics I haven't thoroughly read The Secret or researched massive amounts on the Law of Attraction. But since I have taken a real interest and taken my first steps in manifesting I have noticed such a difference in my life already. It began last summer, that I really started to see that maybe it works...

I worked in a pub last summer when It was coming up to having to renew my car insurance - very standard start to my story I know. But money was tight at the time, I was working crazy hours and was desperately trying to save some money for university. My car insurance was £800 and I only had £200 saved towards it so far.. Every single day it was on my mind, and I truly wished for the money to just appear out of thin air. And then it did...

I didn't even know it at the time but I was entitled to a Tax Rebate - of just over £600. I couldn't believe it. The exact amount of money I needed had just appeared, exactly when I needed it. I couldn't even explain to you how relieved I was, & how happy I was that I now would be fine.

I do understand these things happen, and it may just be a coincidence but It really has kick started my beliefs that this may all just be really real.

After this first little event happened, it seemed like everything just started to make more sense. As the law of attraction was now on my mind more than ever, I began to manifest more and more... I also found that two of my favourite YouTubers (Gemma Louise Miles & Elle Darby) also believed in the Law of Attractions & manifestation which made me want to learn & practice as much as I possibly could at the time.

Since then I wanted to do something physically to practice manifesting and write down the things I truly am after for my life. I read up on different techniques to practice, as I wasn't entirely sure how to manifest my wishes properly - apart from thinking consistently about my wishes. Thats when I discovered gratitude journalling.

"Gratitude is one of the strongest and most transformative states of being. It shifts your perspective from lack to abundance and allows you to focus on the good in your life, which in turn pulls more goodness into your reality."

This was when I was brought a Gratitude journal - The 6 Minute Diary. This journal has really changed everything for me.

Each day you have to write what you are grateful for, a daily affirmation and great things you have experienced that day. As you become more grateful for your everyday life, you are putting out more positive thoughts and frequencies into the world, and in turn you begin you receive the things you write about. If anything, by being grateful for the little things makes you feel more fulfilled and happier in general.

For me, I hope for health, love, happiness, success and often I do ask for wealth. Since practicing gratitude and manifesting I have truly seen so many things come into my life that I had wished for I do believe it is due to the Law of Attraction and allowing myself to be continually grateful for everything in my life.

I then brought myself a 5 year memory journal - Five Year Memory Journal, which I also recommend. Although this journal doesn't include any gratitude techniques, it is a perfect tool for reflection. Each page has a different question, and you have to answer this question every year, for 5 years. I love the idea that once the book is complete I will have so many different answers to the same question, reflecting myself and my change over the 5 years which I will be able to read again and again. I am very sentimental, which is why these types of books really mean so much to me.

I am learning more about myself everyday through gratitude, and I am certain that I am gaining everything I am setting my thoughts on due to these techniques. I would love to know if any of you practice similar things or have any other beliefs you are living by.

I would love to talk more about what things have came into my life due to manifestation and gratitude, so if anyone would like to know what I have gained through my practicing please comment below, like this post or send me a DM on instagram - @mollslifestyle.

I really cannot recommend all of this enough to you all, it'll truly change your life!

Love from,

Moll x

Five Year Memory Journal

The 6 Minute Diary

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