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Im sure most of you (if any of you) have come from my Instagram page @mollslifestyle and are wondering who I even am lol! My insta has been wiped of all my old content and I am starting a FRESH, let me explain...

I'm Molly & I started up my instagram/blog/thing back when I started Uni last September. Im sure the people who have come to have a look at this blog post may have followed me back then and may have a little idea about who I am and what I used to get up to when I lived in Bournemouth - I used to post about my life as a Uni Student and about what I got up to etc. My Instagram back then was almost like a little jump towards what I want to do, I even gained the courage to make a YouTube channel too which is now hidden away for no one to see (maybe for a while). But I have basically always wanted to start up a blog & just let people in.. I guess?

I have just always had an urge to try and connect with others online, and hoped that people may like to know about me, and want to get to know who I am & my interests - as you can see above ^ right up there, I am OBSESSED with Spirituality, I love the Lifestyle that I live & my biggest passion is Beauty (and Hair). I just wanted to create my own little space on Instagram and on a separate Blog to really express who I am and connect with similar people.

I'm not gunna lie and say my life is perfect.. I am a bit of an introvert, a MASSIVE over-thinker with too many issues filling my head at the age of (almost) 21, and anxiety through the roof, but I have always found comfort in the internet and seeing that I wasn't alone with these feelings. The difference is, now I am making moves to try and connect with these people like I haven't before, using my Instagram and Blog.

Molls Lifestyle is just my little safe haven to express who I am, be completely open and honest, and (finger crossed) connect with people who are anxious, awkward, funny and crazy over-thinkers just like me.

So, please keep in touch with me & my blog and we will see where this takes us!


Moll x

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