6 Ways To Start Your Law of Attraction Journey

As a few of you know already I am absolutely OBSESSED with the Law of Attraction. Bearing in mind I haven’t been trying to focus on the law of attraction for long, I have seen first hand how quickly you start to see results!

There are lots of ways to attract the things you want into your life, but over the last few months I have found some easy techniques that have shown me results within days.

Gratitude Journalling

If you want to get into the Law of Attraction by BIGGEST advice to you is you need to start practicing gratitude. This simply means that you should remind yourself why you are currently grateful for your life, and the things in your life. By being grateful for the things you currently have, you will be attracting more positive things into your life. It also does make you feel so much better about things as you truly start to see just how good you already have it. In my blog post "How I Am Manifesting My Dream Life" I spoke about how gratitude journaling has helped me and the gratitude journals I use.

The Gratitude Journal I use is this one - CLICK HERE

Morning & Night Gratitude List

So I found this technique through Gemma Louise Miles. As well as using a gratitude journal, I also have written a list on my phone of all the things I am grateful for - I have about 10 grateful things listed such as my friendships, relationships, mental health, fitness, wealth etc. You simply just have to re-read this list everyday. This is just another way to become grateful for the things you currently have, and by reminding yourself in the morning you start your day on a positive note. And by reading before bed, you go to bed happy. Like I said, gratitude is the EASIEST, most IMPORTANT way to bring gratitude into your life so this technique is super affective.

Changing Your Thoughts

In order to bring the law of attraction into your life you really need to change the way you think. By this I mean you should try and see the positives out of negative situations more, and not dwell on rubbish situations too much.

An example from The Secret (Click Here to shop the book!) that I love is - when you wake up in the morning and something bad happens straight away, like stubbing your toe, if you dwell on the pain of that first experience in your day you are basically gunna have a crap day! Everything you do after this point is going to be negative, e.g. you could now be in a rush because you’ve spent too much time sat holding your stubbed toe & feeling sorry for yourself, then when you get to work your boss could send a shitty email asking why you are late etc.

This technique is important as law of attraction works in both ways, if you think negatively you will bring about more negative things, but if you think positively more positive things will come to you. This technique honestly works for everything, and I know it is hard sometimes to take a negative situation and try and see the positives (especially if there are none) but its good to always try.


Another important Law of Attraction technique is “visualisation”. In order to have the things you want in life, you need to visualise that you already have them.

“If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand”

A vision-board is a great way to do this, and also helps you really understand what you are trying to achieve through the Law of Attraction. I simply create vision-boards on Pinterest of all the images I love and would love for my life e.g. Interiors, Lifestyle, Holidays, Work. Take a look at my Vision-board HERE.

Once you have chosen all the images you would love for your life, you can print them out and pop them in a large frame so you can see them everyday - as you view it more and more you will be visualising these things more frequently, in turn asking the universe for your future to look like the photos you have chosen.


I have only recently got into meditation as I never really understood why people did it, other than just using it as a relaxation technique. It wasn’t until I noticed that you can listen to “manifesting” meditation audios that I began.

I tend to listen to 10 minute videos on YouTube that talk about how you will manifest your dream life, or dream wealth etc. These videos walk you through what to do in order to visualise the things you want and once I am finished I truly feel more positive & happier.

You can also fall asleep to these “manifesting” videos, I have attached a few of my favourite videos below!

10 Minute Meditation

Manifesting Sleep Meditation

17 second rule

This is a new technique that I have found recently. The “17 second rule” is also a technique for manifesting & visualising. If you find yourself thinking about something you really want in your life, make it a challenge to think about it for 17 seconds. It is as simple as that. It gives you enough time to deeply think about this “thing” you want, and also creates a longer positive thought which will attract the thing into your life.

So there we go, 6 super super easy ways to begin bringing the Law of Attraction into your life - I am no expert but these techniques truly work for me!

Leave a comment below if you have tried any of these techniques, or if you have any of your own you would like to share.

Love, Moll x

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