6 Signs The Law of Attraction is Working For You!

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I wanted to follow on from Saturdays post (6 Ways to Start Your Law of Attraction Journey) and show you how you will start to see more and more signs that the law of attraction is working for you.

You may have just started getting into the law of attraction and started to begin to feel better in yourself, but there are a few little signs that I have noticed since I started that give me a little push to continue to manifest everything I want! As soon as you begin to see these signs more and more, you will recognise that they are showing you that you are on the right path.

1. You See Repetitive Numbers EVERYWHERE

So what I began to notice was that I kept seeing repeats of the same couple of numbers constantly. No matter where I was, or what time of day it was I began to see 1’s, 2’s, 4’s and 8’s EVERYWHERE. I don’t just mean seeing them once and thinking “oooh the law of attraction is working!” I was seeing them in the form of 11:11 or 444 etc.

These 4 numbers just began to jump out at me no matter where I was, whether I looked at the time, was on my phone or a random website. Thats when I searched up as to why these numbers were standing out and I found out that often when you see repetitive numbers people believe it is someone sending you a message, or showing you that you are on the right path.

2. More Money

If you have read my blog post - How I Know The Law Of Attraction Is REAL, you will know how deeply I believe that I have received money through the law of attraction.

When I say that you will receive “more money” it will be the amount you have been manifesting. I truly believe that money feel as though it has come to you out of thin air - but with a logical reason behind how you received it, like a tax bill, or a friend repaying you a loan you forgot all about.

Money does take time to manifest, as it is one of the tricker things to try and attract. This is because it is super difficult to think positively about money if you currently want more than you have. But remember to be grateful for what you already have, and more will come.

3. You Will Sleep Better & Have Deeper Dreams

I am definitely not someone who sleeps well, I can never seem to sleep straight through the night. However, since practicing the law of attraction I have been sleeping the best I ever have, and being able to wake up easily and refreshed. This is because the law of attraction allows you to become more calm and peaceful, therefore reducing anxiety and letting you fully relax as you sleep.

In addition to this, your dreams will become so much more vivid and realistic. I normally have dreams where I come to half way through and realise I'm dreaming, then they often become confusing or even take a turn for the worst. However, since practicing the law of attraction my dreams have been so peaceful and about positive situations. In my opinion these dreams show how strong your manifestation potential is, as they show you just how positive you have been and how easily you can change your life.

4. You Start To Notice The Rainbows

When I read about "seeing more rainbows" being a sign of the law of attraction working I really didn't believe it - not going to lie to you all. I thought about how rare it is that I actually see one but that's when I looked at the bigger picture.

I realised that I recently had been seeing more rainbows as we have all been in lockdown! One thing the majority of households have been doing is putting up rainbows in their windows - and it clicked. You don't have to see an ACTUAL rainbow, these rainbows could be images of one in a window, or a pattern on a t-shirt, or you could see it on the tv. Regardless of where you see the rainbow or in what form, they are magical things and as soon as you start to see them around you it will honestly help you focus on your end goal as you will recognise it as a sign.

5. New Opportunities

Probably the clearest sign that the law of attraction is working is the new opportunities that present themselves. These opportunities show themselves in many different ways, but ultimately what you have asked for with the law of attraction will show itself by synchronising with new opportunities, but you have to be the one to put the puzzle pieces together.

For example, you may have been showing gratitude for your current friendships and in turn were asking for some new friends to walk into your life. You will slowly recognise more and more people come to you and you will create really strong relationships. These friendships will also help you on your journey to gain other things that you may want, e.g. success, wealth, love. Sometimes you just need to piece everything together and see how your manifesting ability is really shaping your life.

6. More Personal Signs

Finally, I personally believe you will be shown more signs that are personal to you as a reminder that you are on the right path. These "spiritual guides or items" would be something you already associate with someone/something that is special to you.

For example, I know my spiritual items are white features and these little fluffy seeds that you often see floating in the air, I associate these two things with my loved ones. Personally, since practicing the law of attraction I have seen SO MANY more of these things fly beside me & it really does let me know I am doing well. When you are practicing the law of attraction and you are doing well, you are vibrating at a higher frequency. As you are living at this higher frequency you are able to be more in tune with the spiritual side of life, which is why it is easier for your spiritual guides to send you messages.

As you all know, the law of attraction is something really special to me as I know first hand just how well it works. These signs are often such a nice way to know you are on the right path, and they also remind you of how far you have come.

Love, Moll x

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