50 Affirmations for Manifesting The Life You Want!

When it comes to manifesting the main thing I have learnt is that if you want something you don't have, you need to convince yourself that you already have it.

Affirmations are extremely powerful in helping you achieve this!

Affirmations are one of the easiest ways to manifest what you want, and to allow yourself to really believe in what you are saying. This is because you are overwriting your limited beliefs about yourself and replacing them with new ones.

"I am" affirmations are extremely important. By saying, hearing and writing down "I am" affirmations you are creating a new belief system about yourself, and allowing your brain to believe that you are becoming the things you are saying. The best way to get started is to choose a few affirmations that you want from your life and to repeatedly write them down, or speak them to yourself every morning and every evening. Consistency is key, and over time your positive thoughts about these affirmations will become your reality.

I have made a list of affirmations for the 3 topics:

Abundance in your life & yourself, Money and Success.

Let me know in the comments which affirmations stood out to you, and which ones you will be using to bring what you want into your life!


1. I am a beautiful person who radiates happiness and kindness.

2. I am growing through every experience,

3. I am growing to become an inspiration to others,

4. I am grateful for all the abundance I have and that is coming to me,

5. I am grateful that I attract abundance,

6. I am capable of creating my life exactly how I want it to be,

7. I am capable of manifesting everything I want for my life,

8. I am living to my full potential,

9. I am living all of my dreams,

10. I am rich with health, wealth, love and happiness,

11. I am enough,

12. I am enough, I have enough,

13. I am in alignment with my purpose,

14. I am on the right path to receive everything I want in life,

15. I am blessed with the love of people who choose to be with me,

16. I am blessed beyond measures,

17. I am attracting better as I have discovered that it all starts with me.

18. I am creating the life I desire,

19. I am worthy of my dreams and goals,

20. I am divinely guided in all that I do,

21. I am a magnet for positivity, abundance and blessings,

22. I am open and ready to receive miracles today,

23. I am ready to accept and receive miracles beyond what I have ever experienced,

24. I am welcoming spiritual, physical, financial and emotional stability into my life,

25. I am a manifestor & all that I desire is in the process of coming into my reality in divine timing.


26. I am feeling open and ready to receive an abundance of money,

27. I am a money magnet. I always attract abundance and prosperity easily into my reality.

28. I am a money magnet, money is drawn to me.

29. I am receiving all the money I need to be happy, secure and stable,

30. I am receiving money with ease,

31. I am worthy of increasing my income,

32. I am worthy of financial security,

33. I am worthy of having more wealth,

34. I am focused on achieving money happiness,

35. I am a focused, thriving and wealthy person,

36. I am aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance,


37. I am prepared to take advantage of every great opportunity that will be presented to me,

38. I am prepared to work extremely hard as I know I will be successful,

39. I am focused on my goals and feel passionate about my work,

40. I am focused on being successful in my passions,

41. I am now attracting success into my life,

42. I am now becoming more and more successful each day,

43. I am successful, happy and kind,

44. I am successful at everything I choose to do,

45. I am successful, confident and courageous,

46. I am positive and fully believe in my capabilities to be successful,

47. I am positive and I attract positive situations for success.

48. I am equipped with all the tools I need to be successful,

49. I am motivated to achieve goals, overcome challenges and live with passion,

50. I am highly motivated and achieve success daily.

Love, Moll x

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