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"A crazy girl in her 20's going through a mid-life crisis early, and hoping to connect with people with big hearts looking for a laugh on a Friday evening whilst their sat with their LARGE glass of wine."

So, lets start with an introduction.

I am Molly, I'm a nearly 21 year old from a small town in the country. Sounds boring already doesn't it… But like I said in my description above, I am pretty sure I am going through my mid-life crisis early, and I want complete strangers on the internet to join me for the ride!

Since I can remember I have wanted to create my own little space online, away from social media, to share my life and be my completely crazy, little self. Actually, when I was creating this blog, I found a blog post I had created in 2013 which spoke about how my goldfish had died, so as you can tell I have always been one to want to share lol.

I could go on and on, on this “About” page about what I have done in my life (the good, bad and ugly) and why I have wanted to share my story on the internet but I would rather keep it short and sweet.

I made a promise to myself to really push for what I want this year, and I really want to start a blog about – Life Experiences, Relationships, Mental Health, and maybe little posts about what I get up to every now and then.

So please, if you want to join me as I laugh, cry and try and work out what the hell is going on, subscribe to my little blog and we will try figure things out together.

Lets try have a great time!


Moll x

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